Get Hella Hydrated Challenge
Drinking enough water is way harder than it sounds — that’s why over 70% of us are chronically dehydrated. 

If you’re experiencing low energy, irritability, foggy thinking, headaches, or muscle cramping, this 5-day challenge may help you get back to 100%... in just 8 glasses a day! 

Start building water into your daily routine today. 

Feel Healthy AF*, naturally.
for women with no time to feel anything less than amazing !
For the next 5 days, join me for simple, yet meaningful lifestyle adjustments that will quite literally change your life.
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  • ​Grab your water bottle and get ready for awesome tips in 7min or less over 5 days.
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Lauren Hungler 
Naturopathic Doctor 
I’m a Naturopathic Doctor on a mission to help frazzled, tired, and go-go-go moms regain control of their lives and transform into mamas who are Healthy AF*.  

(* A.K.A. a mama who has the energy, motivation, and health acumen to get sh*t done while also supporting herself.)

Our physiology and bodies aren’t meant to be pushed to the limits, day-in and day-out. What I call #mommode.   Lack of sleep, poor diet, excess caffeine, stress, sugar, and too little movement are a recipe for D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R when it comes to our digestive systems and hormones. The idea that we can keep up this #mom-hustle lifestyle indefinitely is unrealistic… no matter what Instagram tells you.

My goal? To have you experience your own Big Lightbulb Moments... then get you back to a place where you feel like yourself again. Where you have the energy to get things done, the wisdom to choose the right foods for you and your family, and the motivation to slow the go-go-go. (Your belly and your hormones will thank you for it!)

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