Say Goodbye To Sugar Cravings 
In 14 Days
How to kick your pesky sugar cravings to the curb....EVEN as a busy working mom        
Would Life Be Different If... 
  • Imagine what it would be like if you could... stop the afternoon crash  
  • How would it feel if you had... abundant energy. 
  • How would it feel to... not be a slave to your cravings. 
  • Imagine what it would be like if you could... feel motivated to choose the right foods for your body. 
  • Imagine what it would be like if you could... finally lose that 'mom weight' 
Guess What? There is a solution! 

I Know That You're A Busy Working Mama, But with a few tweaks over the next 14 Days I'll Teach You How To Take Back Control Over Your Cravings. 
The problem is...
  • You've tried to kick the sugar before and failed because you didn't have a plan in place to support yourself 
  • You were overwhelmed by all the conflicting health information out there and didn't know where to start 
  • You were afraid that if you changed your diet, you'd feel starved and deprived of all your favourite foods  
  • You knew you needed to make a change, but you felt like your life was too busy with work, kids and family 
  • You felt like low energy was just your normal, I'm just 'mom tired'
  • You didn't know the 'why' behind your cravings and just thought you didn't have enough willpower  
While these reasons ARE all VERY REAL & DIFFICULT...  
You are NOT alone. I've worked with hundreds of women who have kicked the cravings while still enjoying life!  

BUT first, lets clear up some misconceptions
You Don't Need To Feel Deprived Of All your Favourite Foods  
Whole foods and clean eating can be delicious and fun and you don't need to spend HOURS in the kitchen.      
You Can Say No To Sugar Without Relying Totally on Willpower 
Your cravings aren't all about willpower so stop blaming yourself. We need to support your body with the appropriate foods and nourishment to stop the cravings and build your energy.  
You Don't Need 3 Cups of Coffee a day To Have Abundant Energy
I know you love your java, but sometimes we get too reliant on caffeine to help us stay focused and energized throughout the day. What if I told you there was a way you could feel focused and energized without the constant coffee runs?       
I've been helping women optimize their health as a Naturopathic Doctor over the past 8 years and am the creator of the Healthy AF* movement. . As a new mom myself, I'm on a mission to help frazzled, tired and go-go-go moms take back control of their lives and transform them into Mamas who are Health AF*. That’s a Mama who has the energy, motivation and health acumen to get shit done while also supporting herself.⁠⁠Our physiology and our bodies were not meant to be pushed to the limits day in and day out. Add on top of that lack of sleep, poor diet, excess caffeine and sugar and it's a recipe for disaster for the digestive system and our hormones. The idea that we can keep up this go-go-go lifestyle indefinitely is unrealistic. 

Truth bomb! 

So we need to get back to a place where we feel like ourselves again. Where we have the energy to get shit done, the motivation to choose the right foods for us and our families and slow the go-go-go. Believe me, your belly and your hormones will thank you for it!⁠
You Need A Road Map That Will Help You... 

Sift Through All the BS* ...So you can get started! Stop listening to Dr. Google and stop the overwhelm.  

Make A Plan.. So you can succeed! You may have tried in the past and failed because you didn't have the plan in place to support your goals.

Stay Focused... So You can make the changes necessary to get the energy you desire and the energy you deserve...even with a busy lifestyle. 

Understand Your Amazing Body... So you can acknowledge why the cravings are happening and get out of the rut. 
This is why I am excited to invite you to...
The Healthy AF* 
14 Day Body Reboot Program
The Healthy AF* 14 Day Body Reboot is an Online Done For You Group Program for Women and Moms that want to eliminate sugar cravings, boost energy and beat belly bloat. Full of actionable strategies and education, The 14 Day Body Reboot will help you to kick your sugar habit and live a life that's Healthy AF*. 


Healthy AF* 14 Day Body Reboot Program

This Reboot program has been specifically designed to help you kick those pesky sugar cravings to the curb, boost your energy and help reduce belly bloat.  This is accomplished over 3 weeks where we focus on 3 Pillars of heath

Prep Week: Setting the Organization & Strategy for your next 14 days
Week 1: Pillar 1 Nourished AF*

Week 2: Pillar 2 Rested AF* & Pillar 3 Calm AF*

Over the 3 weeks, we'll discuss actionable strategies within each pillar to optimize your energy, reduce sugar cravings and get you feeling Healthy AF*.  

New! Collaboration with Ortaliza Microgreens

I'm so excited to announce that I've collaborated with Ortaliza Urban Farm to bring you meal plans curated with microgreens!!  If you've never tried microgreens, they are bursting with flavour and are highly dense in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.   They are basically greens on steroids!  They will not only take your energy to the next level, but are also SUPER EASY and SUPER TASTY 

We've partnered together to showcase 2 weeks of Smoothie Greens and Salad Mix Microgreens to help supercharge your Reboot! 

Once you've signed up for the Reboot, you'll have access to purchase this Bonus for a special additional price.  It's $49 + HST for the 2 weeks to supercharge your health! 

*Currently only available to Kingsville/Windsor/ Essex Country and Guelph Rebooters

Healthy AF* Mama

Christa Mama of 2

The program was so easy to follow.  I loved the flexibility this program allowed me with respect to food choices and working through each module at my own pace. I also learned how important it is for me to control my sugar and caffeine in-take as well as better sleep hygiene, especially screen time. Thank you for giving me the tools and support I needed to do this for myself! I also loved the daily inspirational quotes and yummy recipes! 

Prep Week 

Getting Started 

Have you ever heard the saying " A goal without a plan is just a wish"? Changing habits can be not only tricky, but also scary.  I'm here to help you plan the organization and strategy of your Reboot so that you can hit the gourd running on our Monday morning start!   We'll start organizing your meal plans, grocery list and get your healthy pantry organized.  The better we prep, the more successful your Reboot will be !! 

Group Coaching Call #1 (Via Zoom ) 

We'll discuss any burning questions so that you feel confident and ready to start your Reboot.  
Pillar 1 - Nourished AF*

5 Foods That Are Zapping Your Energy 

In Module 1, I'll be teaching you all about the 5 Foods that are zapping your energy. We’ll be adding nutrient dense foods while removing the most common offending and allergenic foods that can aggravate sugar cravings. Don't worry, I'll tell you exactly what you can and can't eat. 

Both Vegetarian and Flexitarian Meal plans available.    

NEW!  2 Week Microgreen Meal Plans to help you take your Reboot to the next level.  

How To Remove Anti-Inflammatory Foods

In module 2, we'll be discussing how to remove anti-inflammatory foods from your diet,  meals and recipes.  Even more important, we'll talk about the foods you can swap for!  Changing the foods you eat can always sounds scary, but I've also made a quick and easy to use swaps cheatsheet that can go with you to the grocery store to help you feel more confident in your decisions. 

Get Your Greens 

In module 3, it's all about getting your greens!!  Greens are an essential addition to help increase mood and reduce cravings.  They're packed with vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.  We'll talk about what types of greens to incorporate and quick and dirty tricks to get more into your diet. 

I'm also so excited to be collaborating with Ortaliza Urban Farms to bring you 2 weeks of Smoothie and Salad Mix Microgreens.  These little gems are bursting with flavour and highly dense in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  These will not only take your reboot to the next level, but also SUPER EASY.  (currently only available to Kingsville/Windsor/ Essex Country and Guelph Rebooters) 

Getting Off The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

In Module 4, it's all about getting you off the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster to truly end the sugar cravings for good. Imbalanced blood sugar and erratic insulin levels can be a huge factor in why you're constantly craving all the carbs. You'll learn why you're suffering from intense sugar cravings and low energy and we'll also go over my PFF Rule to help you get the cravings under control...FOR GOOD! 


In Module 5, our focus will be on Hydration for energy. Did you know water can actually reduce sugar cravings? But how much should you drink and how can you remember to drink it? We'll touch on these key areas in our Hydration module and go over my top tips to help you REMEMBER to drink the water! 

Group Coaching Call #2  (Via Zoom ) 

Helping you stay accountable as well as going over tips and tricks to keep your Reboot on track  
Pillar 2 - Rested AF*

Sleep Hygiene 

In Module 6, we're getting into better Sleep Habits. Did you know that sugar cravings are worsened by a lack of sleep?  So how can we improve your sleep to get your sugar cravings under control? You'll learn the Top 4 Tips To Improve Sleep.   


In Module 7,  we need to get you moving.  Movement is an essential aspect to improve sleep and get you Rested AF*!  So let's get ready to sweat to the oldies! 
Pillar 3 - Calm AF*

Stress Hormones 101

In Module 8, we'll be scratching the surface of our hormone health and how it impacts cravings.     If you're constantly battling sugar and salt craving, tired, moody, overwhelmed, unable to focus, or snapping at your family.....You’re not alone!  We’ll be untangling the web of hormones and the stress response in this module to help you get a clearer picture of what your hormones are doing in your body.


In Module 9, it's all about Self-Care.  Self-Care is an integral aspect to reducing sugar cravings and improving energy.  The pace of our daily lives is hectic and crazy and with that comes STRESS! We'll be discovering practices that you can use daily to help reduce stress, boost energy and reduce cravings. 

Group Coaching Call #3  (Via Zoom ) 

Last time for questions as well as discussing next steps and strategies for moving forward.  



>>NEW! Add On your 2 Weeks of Microgreens to take your reboot and health to the next level!

>>6 Sets of 2 Week Done For You Meal Plans, Shopping List and Recipes.  Includes Vegetarian, Flexitarian and Microgreen Meal plans  

>>14 Day Body Reboot Checklist to keep you on track and accountable 

>>Access to our exclusive Healthy AF* Facebook Community to ask questions and get answers   

>>Cravings Quiz to monitor progress

Healthy AF* Mama 

Marta Mama of 2

The thing I liked best about the Reboot was how it made me feel.  I just felt better and had more energy. The information was great and I loved the recipes.  

Healthy AF* Mama 

Kristy Mama of 1

I loved waking up & not feel exhausted everyday!! It was amazing to see how fast that happened once I got rid of sugar. I realized I need to eat better on a regular basis. This forced me to think ahead for meal planning. Overall, this program was super helpful to get my eating back on track. I’m hoping to continue on with it!! I lost 4lbs following these changes!!
So If You're ready to stop the cravings and live with abundant energy, come join us! 
( VALUED AT $250 )
When does the Reboot start?
As a busy mom I understand the need for flexibility, but also the need for accountability.   This program is designed so that you can move at your own pace as the modules are dropped. 

However, because we're fostering a sense of community, accountability and focus with Group coaching, there are days you may want to join!  

If you like accountability (highly recommended) our Prep Week starts January 24 and our group calls are Jan 26, Feb 2 and Feb 9 if you'd like to participate.  

What If I don't Like A Recipe ? 
The recipes are provided to give you inspiration or an optional plan to follow if you have no idea where to start with clean eating.  

You are also provided with a YES/NO Food List Cheatsheet so you can make substitutions with recipes you already make.  
Are There Caloric Restrictions?
Sure aren't!  This program is all about balanced clean eating. You can eat as often and as much as you want as long as those foods fall into the YES list .

Our focus is on nutrient dense foods that provide energy building support and craving crushing protein.   
How Long Do I have To Complete The Reboot? 
You'll have access to your Reboot for 3 months. 
What If I Have A Burning Question? 
Questions?  No problem!  

Come out to the Group Coaching Calls to meet fellow Rebooters and ask any burning questions.  

Need an answer now? That's where our amazing Healthy AF* Facebook community shines.  

Ask your questions,  get answers and feel the support to help you achieve your best energy and kick the cravings!  

I'm Vegetarian, Are There Options For Me? 
Yes!  There are meal plans curated for both Flexitarians and Vegetarians
What are Ortaliza Microgreens? 
Microgreens are highly flavourful and super nutrient dense greens.  They come in different varieties such as broccoli, kale, green pea shoots, carrot, arugula and many others!  They are grown in Kingsville Ontario by Ortaliza Urban Farm.  

If you're looking to take your energy to the next level, consider adding on a Microgreens Smoothie and Salad mix bundle to your Reboot. 

Once you've signed up , you'll have access to a special link to order your microgreens ! 
Who Can Order Microgreens? 
Currently this option is only available to Kingsville/Windsor/ Essex County and Guelph Rebooters.

The cost is $49+ HST for 2 weeks of Smoothie and Salad Microgreens!  
Is This Covered By My Benefits? 
At this time, the Reboot can not be claimed under your health benefits. 
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